Outdoor Marketing, Bogota-Style

March 31st, 2008 at 12:17 pm by Gerard

buenas tardes!

in bogotá they have their special way to do promo. in this case for the cat power gig on the 25th april. have a look to the attachment. i thought, you should see it. i don’t claim any rights here, i just wanted to share this one. the wall painting gave me a big smile and so it might do the same to you.

greets from colombia

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3 Responses to “Outdoor Marketing, Bogota-Style”

  1. McG Says:

    gotta love the ‘www.penthousespectacular.com’ link below the cat power graf. so righteous

  2. Gerard Says:

    Should the local promoter not put their URL on the wall?

  3. 9000 Says:

    the retro baltimore oriole logo would have been a nice finishing touch.