Matador and Jaguar Love

January 28th, 2008 at 6:15 pm by Gerard

From the ashes of two of the finest Seattle, nay, American, heck bands from the-planet- ever, Matador is very pleased to confirm the signing of JAGUAR LOVE to a long-term, worldwide deal.

Consisting of Johnny Whitney (vocals, piano) and Cody Votolato (guitar, bass) — both formerly of the Blood Brothers — and our dear friend J Clark (drums, bass, keyboards, formerly the guitar wiz in the recently split Pretty Girls Make Graves), Jaguar Love bear some stylistic similarities to the trio’s old outfits but based on early live evidence, something totally new & ferocious is in the works.  We’re never quite sure where the art/punk/pop divide lies in 2008, but from what we’ve seen from Jaguar Love (both on their own and supporting Queens Of The Stoneage), we’re also not sure it really matters that much, either.

The band are currently finishing their debut album at Seattle’s Two Sticks Audio with J producing and engineering.  Much like everything else in life, the LP/CD’s release date is to be determined but early Summer 2008 is certainly a possibility.

Jaguar Love will touring the globe this Summer and Autumn.

(Jaguar Love  – MySpace)

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6 Responses to “Matador and Jaguar Love”

  1. pabost Says:

    Wow. Great news. I was only now getting over the prospect of a Blood Brothers-less future.

  2. Deep Voice Guy Says:

    Ugh, more of that bullshit music from arrogant dicks.

  3. lukas Says:

    not my cup of tea at all.

  4. cool_guy Says:

    this is going to be great! deep voice guy probably listens to crap like vampire weekend…hahaha

  5. Deep Voice Guy Says:

    Aw, metal guys are always so funny with their musical dichotomies.

  6. Gerard Says:

    yeah, well, they’re no Opie & Anthony, that’s for sure.