Little Steven, Savior Of Musical Integreation

November 20th, 2007 at 3:23 pm by Gerard

“It’s considered inappropriate or even immoral for white musicians to appropriate African-American styles.”

Here’s a headline you might not see on the front of tomorrow’s NY Times Arts & Leisure section :

“Timberlake Dropped :  Appropriation of African-American Styles Said To Be Wildly Unpopular”.

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5 Responses to “Little Steven, Savior Of Musical Integreation”

  1. Dave Martin Says:

    These are the sort of articles that really freak me out. Is it possible that every article in the NY Times is as full of shit as this one?

  2. Patrick Says:

    David Brooks is truly a moron. Every single thing he writes is unreadable, nonsensical hogwash. It isn’t that he’s a conservative – it’s that he’s legitimately stupid.

  3. lukas Says:

    The fact that he referenced Sasha Frere-Jones justifies questioning his intelligence.

  4. Sara McManus Says:

    I think Big Boi wore the exact same outfit Brooks is wearing in Idlewild….just saying.

  5. Russell Jones Says:

    Dave– the answer is yes, on almost everything. My own greatest scorn comes from their moronic, middlebrow coverage of New York City, music and literature but is there any reason to think other subjects are covered any better? That Ben Ratliff’s idiotic Coltrane book has been fulsomely praised along with Alex Ross’ inane classical pastiche is akin to the world institutional circle jerk hegemony where Springsteen & U2 were the fucking Zeus & Apollo of the musical arts. Re: David Brooks, he’s (almost) beneath contempt/comment, although Patrick said it well.