9 thoughts on “Cat Power – “Song To Bobby” , Available From the iTunes Music Store TODAY”

  1. This is really lame. Offer it for free in the original post and then work out some deal with Apple to charge for it?

  2. H –

    the free mp3 posting was inadvertent on our part. But if you wanna get snippy about it, we routinely post MP3’s and subsequently make the tracks commercial available digitally or physically.

    The “working out a deal with Apple” is no different than the existing iTMS deal we’ve been operating on for sometime. I’m sorry if you were inconvenienced in some way by not being able to get a free copy of a recording Chan put considerable time, energy and $$ into making, but it’s not like we’ve ceased giving music away.

  3. Yes, I shouldn’t have procrastinated in downloading it. As for inconveniencing me, don’t be a dick. The MP3 was promotion for an album I plan to buy… the old fashioned way at the record store. Chan and Matador will get their share from me.

    No biggie. Let’s make up.

    P.S. Can you post the full version of “How Can I Tell You” seeing as it didn’t make the Jukebox cut? My mom loves that commercial!

  4. Hi, just a thought from a guy who likes the notion that matadoor is releasing these singles (and is willing to pay for them):

    Please consider the use of more than one distribution channel. Not everyone owns an IPOD — mp3’s are of course an ‘open’ format; but when you sell them exclusively through Itunes — they may as well be a proprietary format — b/c Itunes is a walled garden that only allows users who have installed the itunes software inside. Sure, anyone can install itunes — regarldess of their membership status in the IPOD herd — but — some people don’t want to, some are too lazy and others too inept.

    Personally I do own an IPOD but resent it’s integration w/ itunes (I think it’s shitty, annoying & presumptuous software). I do ‘have’ itunes b/c I the IPOD forces me to — BUT I keep all 30 gigs of my mp3’s (music I paid for) on an old OFFLINE box that I use as an MP3 server. I don’t want the Itunes crap on my ‘connected’ computer.

    I’m not asking you to accomodate my set-up — I’m just asking that you consider providing an additional means for users to pay for & obtain your music.

    One Idea: Matador is an independent record label; so keeping in that spirit — why not pay an independent software developer to build a solution for you that would allow you to sell your music indepedent of any third party (other than of course third-party web services that perform CC validation and execute the transactions.)

    Maybe that’s a naive suggestion — I know the development of custom software can get real expensive. Anyway — keep on thriving!

    -Best wishes

  5. CHAN!!!!! You’ve GOT to put “Tracks Of My Tears” on the new record!!!

    I’ve still got the riff in my head from the Avalon show in Hollywood. Please,
    don’t do this to me…

  6. about the iTunes: i don’t live in any country that allows me to buy thru it, tho i do got both iPod and iTunes (cuz of iPod). needless to say i got Song To Bobby the bad way, and until Jukebox is in my hands, i’m an outlaw. eheh.

    what about Matador presale of Jukebox? I don’t wanna get it thru amazon or UK websites. and i remember getting the greatest ltd edition thru u guys quite early. will u sell it here? is the lp also ltd edition? will there be any extra gifts such as that greatest charming poster? thanks!


  7. How about we stick to the music? The song is probably one of the most accomplished in Marshall’s catalogue and her voice has never sounded better. Her renewed passion for music is quite clearly felt in her delivery here. This is very highly recommended.
    Hope you all enjoy it.

  8. happy we French to get the privilege of hearing the album in (short) advance 🙂

    now I’m eager to know the next gigs announcements !

  9. I wish you guys were doing the Buy Now, Get Early with this album. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute if this was available right now.

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