World War IV : Early Man At Club Europa

July 31st, 2007 at 1:40 am by Gerard

The promoters call it "Thrashfest '07", which you have to admit, is way catchier than "Festival Of Many Menacing Fonts"

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4 Responses to “World War IV : Early Man At Club Europa”

  1. Bohl Says:

    i’ve got $5 for whoever can tell me the name of the band from Delaware.

  2. Dave Martin Says:

    I’m winging it a bit, but something along the lines of toxicolocaust.


  3. dola Says:

    i think there’s definitely an h in there, which would make it a less forensic sounding Toxicholocaust. I guess they’re fans of WW2 history and not CSI.

  4. jimbobcarldave Says:

    cool all ages, i’ll bring my 14 year old girlfriend