Kicked In The Head : Doc Martens’ Cavalcade Of Dead Rockers

May 24th, 2007 at 8:05 am by Gerard


I have but two thoughts regarding Doc Martens' ill-advised new campaign (link swiped from Boing Boing) ; 

1) Who'd have thought the executors of the GG Allin estate would exercise such restraint?

2) At least DM didn't select Shannon Hoon.  

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4 Responses to “Kicked In The Head : Doc Martens’ Cavalcade Of Dead Rockers”

  1. Nick Says:

    Shannon Hoon’s corpse was already under contract to Birkenstock is what I heard.

  2. The Contrarian Says:

    Doc Martens have not been the same since they are now stamped with “Made in China” rather than the Old Economy “Made in England.”

  3. RT Says:

    I guess according to this, when you die you can change your footwear…’cause Kurt had on Converse when he offed himself…it also questions the whole suicide is a sin theory (…therefore no heaven for you grungeboy!)

  4. PB Says:

    Isn’t New Jersey’s Dentention owed some kind of royalty on this?