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The Ponys Go-A-Trottin’

By Matt on Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

To help us celebrate this week’s release of The Ponys’ 'Turn The Lights Out', our friends at Daytrotter posted a very nice feature on the band which, of course, also includes four live tracks recorded for the soon to be infamous Daytrotter Sessions.

(an ambitiously blonde Jered, as illustrated by Daytrotter's Johnnie Cluney)

Recorded a few weeks back in beautiful Rock Island, IL, the band tore up some two-inch tape with four absolute keepers (and you can keep them, since they are available as mp3 downloads).  And the real sweetness comes with a scorching version of ‘Poser Psychotic’.

The band just left Austin where they logged the most shows for any single Matador artists at SXSW this year and are currently back out on the road with the Black Lips. If you missed that shindig in Texas and you’re are missing the band on this go-around you might want to check yourself out some live tuneage here.

My SXSW Roundup :

By Patrick on Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Here are my SXSW picks:


(photo by Kathryn Yu, used without permission, taken from The Rich Girls Are Weeping)

1. Shearwater playing at the Central Presbyterian Church. With a Steinway concert grand, the audience in pews, and acoustics to die for ("the best sound I've heard at a rock show in years," said an industry veteran to my right). Some audience members were crying. This was one for the ages.


2. In total contrast, Jay Reatard at the Victory Grill. Jay had been up for 3 days straight and was angry. The oversized bassist in the faded Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt was angry too. They were hurling nearly full cans of bud into the audience, directly at moshers' faces. The sound was perfect. The experience was genuine. Actual punk rock like I have rarely seen since the mid-'80s.

The other shows are in no particular order:

The Ponys – Emo's, afternoon show

(TNV at Sound On Sound, Saturday afternoon, phone cam pic by Gerard)

Times New Viking – Exodus, Friday night
Clockcleaner – Exodus, Friday night
Some Montreal punk band, Long Branch Inn, early Friday evening

Sorry for the Matador-centric picks… inevitable when your bands are playing 17 gigs in 4 days, you spend a lot of time seeing them! But of course it helps that they're all great, too.


By Lucy on Friday, March 16th, 2007

 Love Of Diagrams seem to have brought the spring with them, despite the fact that they arrived in London after a bitterly cold few days in New York.  The sun was shining for their recent press trip and couple of London shows.  The sun is still shining but who knows for how long.  Love of Diagrams are still here but we do know for how long.  They play again in Huddersfield at Club NME on March 20, On Paris on March 23 at La Fleche D’Or, and Nottingham’s Stealth Club on the 24th.  Then they head back to the States for 30 dates with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.  

The intrepid antipodeans arrived in London having had very little sleep during their pre-album US jaunt so went eagerly to bed in the (not-so) lavish Beggars flat, which is decked out with signed Rolling Stones posters, Bauhaus picture disks, a dubious horror DVD collection and bunk beds.  In the middle of the night a mighty thump was heard.  Watching too many scary movies again kids?  Well, erm, no.  It was the sound of vocalist/bassist Antonia falling from the top bunk and landing on her arm during an episode of attempted sleepwalking.

Despite having a sore wrist, Antonia still managed to be able to move her fingers deftly enough to deliver a blinding set at new trendy London club Chalk at The Scala on Saturday March 10th.  The audience was duly impressed by the trio’s tight set and brayed for more once it was over.  It was also my first time seeing the band and the thing that struck me was how ‘punk’ they sounded.  The great songs on the records sound even more intense and blistering live, and so catchy!  I’ve spent the last week with ‘Double’ and ‘Pace Or the Patience’ lodged in my brain… hummm hummm hum hum…

Slightly shaken and disturbed after seeing the new David Lynch flick “Inland Empire”, Love Of Diagrams hit the stage at The Hoxton Bar And Grill on Monday with another rip-roaring set.  A room filled with loyal fans and a few Australians were delighted to have LOD all to themselves, although a few technical hitches cut the set short and my friend nearly yelled himself hoarse trying to get them to return to play “No Way Out.”  Ah well.  There’s always tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and went but not before Love Of Diagrams played the third gig of the week to complete the triangle of shows (if we’re speaking diagrammatically) at Artrocker at the Buffalo Bar.  A packed room provided the most appreciative audience so far.  I stood by the speaker so it sounded very LOUD, in a GOOD way.  They played another brilliant set, the crowd went wild and again left us wanting more.  Can’t wait to see them again.  Hopefully they’ll be back A LOT.


Cash For Chaos : Yo La Tengo Back In The Murder Biz, WFMU Tomorrow Night

By Gerard on Thursday, March 15th, 2007


After a triumphant tour of Japan and Australia, Yo La Tengo return to their native New Jersey tomorrow, just in time to be slapped into slave labor on behalf of Jersey City's WFMU.  As they've done for many years now, Ira, Georgia and James (shown above with Bruce Bennett and intrepid host Gaylord Fields) will be playing requests for CASH DONATIONS live on WFMU, Friday Night, March 16, from 8-11pm eastern standard time, with the live webcast available in Real Audio, Windows Media and MP3 streams.  Psue Braun's show is being bumrushed for the occasion, so please dig deep. 

Truster? I Just Met Her!

By Gerard on Tuesday, March 13th, 2007
YouTube Preview Image

Little known Matador factoid : Richard Bey was our first choice for host of "What's Up, Matador?"

Murdoch Tabloid : Fucking Cars Weirder Than Sex With Pavement(s)

By Gerard on Monday, March 12th, 2007

Spiral Stairs, J.G. Ballard, unavailable for comment.

New Ponys MP3

By Gerard on Monday, March 12th, 2007


We're just 8 days away from the retail event of the spring…my mom's birthday! (hey mom!).  Coincidently, March 20 also marks the release of the 3rd album from THE PONYS, 'Turn The Lights Out'.   And with the band playing far too many SXSW shows this week, what better song from the album to preview than "Poser Psychotic"? (mp3)

If This Massage Table Could Talk…

By Gerard on Sunday, March 11th, 2007

…it would say "BUY ME!" (link taken from Boing Boing)

There Ain’t No Future In Our Frontin’ : Matador At SXSW 2007

By Gerard on Friday, March 9th, 2007

It's the rock biz' version of Spring Break, except Spring Break doesn't have enough cachet to lure Donnie Davies. And while Matador isn't doing a zillion dollar "showcase" (damn, we hate that word) this year, we are lucky enough to  witness several of our brightest lights making multiple appearances in Austin next week…on their own dime!

OFFICIAL SXSW EVENTS (ie. those without badges, wristbands and/or having turned up way early might well be SOL)

Thursday, March 15 – Shearwater, Central Prebyterian Church, 200 E. 8th St., 7:30pm
Thursday, March 15 – The Ponys, Emo's, 1am
Friday, March 16 – Times New Viking, Exodus, 10pm
Saturday, March 17 – Dead Meadow – Club Deville, 1am

in addition, the following parties / instores are happening and should be wide open to the public, space permitting :

Thursday, March 15 – The Ponys, KEXP taping (ACL studios), 1pm
Thursday, March 15 – The Ponys, Waterloo Records, 4pm
Friday, March 16 – The Ponys, Emo's (outside), 1:30pm
Saturday, March 17 – The Ponys, Mohawk (outside patio), 2pm
Saturday, March 17 – The Ponys, Red 7 (time TBA)

Friday, March 16 – Shearwater, Mohawk, 5pm

Friday, March 16 – Times New Viking, Long Branch Inn, 2pm

Thursday, March 15 – Dead Meadow, Instant Karma, 1pm
Friday, March 16 – Dead Meadow, Red 7, time TBA (afternoon party)
Friday, March 16 – Dead Meadow, Flamingo Cantina, time tba (afternoon party)
Saturday, March 17 – Dead Meadow, Jamie's Spanish Village, 8pm

Thursday, March 15 – Stuart Braithwaite, appearing as part of the Roky Erickson Ice Cream Social at Threadgill's (time TBA, but it's in the afternoon)

for more info on the day parties, non-SXSW events, we suggest you check out

Waterloo Records Welcomes The Ponys to SXSW

By Blake on Thursday, March 8th, 2007
Ponys live
The Ponys will be performing a free show at Waterloo Records during South By Southwest.  Check out the action Thursday, March 15th at 4PM.  Waterloo Records is at 600A North Lamar Blvd. in Austin.