Pretty Girls Make Graves – It’s Been Real

January 29th, 2007 at 12:56 pm by Gerard

The following message was posted on Pretty Girls Makes Graves' site earlier today.

We are sorry to announce that our upcoming tour in May will be our last. Nick quit the band and the rest of us feel like it wouldn’t be right to continue on without him. The 5 of us feel very lucky to have met and worked with some truly amazing people over the years. Thank you all so much….

Needless to say, though all of us at brutally exploitive label central are very disappointed by this news….we've known about it for ages! Who says Matador can't keep a secret?

In all seriousness, while one of our fave bands on Earth pulling the plug is a sad occasion, it is also a reminder there's something to be said for going out at the top of your game.  And we're also very confident that our friendship with Andrea, Derek, Jay, Nick and Leona is far from finished, and we eagerly whatever else they've got up their sleeves musically or otherwise.  To say we're fortunate to have been associated with such awesome people would be the understatement of this Monday morning. 

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One Response to “Pretty Girls Make Graves – It’s Been Real”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Ah, sorry to hear that. Best of luck to all, it was fun while it lasted.