6 thoughts on “Funk did what?”

  1. isn’t it a joke? and if not…i think it’s sorta funny. especially the image of townspeople getting zapped by a “bacofoil partridge”!
    what is that?

  2. Sadly, I don’t think it is a joke, just some lazy lazy journalism.

    Re: ‘bacofoil partridge’: I’ve re-read the article and I’m none the wiser. In fact, I’m more the stupider.

  3. It’s an opinion piece – he thinks funk is lame – why is it “lazy journalism”?

    Bacofoil is Britspeak for Aluminum Foil…

  4. I don’t have a problem with the John Harris thinking funk is lame. That’s his opinion, and it’s an opinion piece, which is fine.
    It’s lazy journalism cause it was written with an obvious intent to provoke (he wrote a similar article after Johnny Cash’s death) – and journalists with delusions of iconclasm really annoy me – , but his claims (that whole funk killed the blues thing) make no sense whatsoever. It just smacks of hastily-written, hey-look-at-me-saying-the-unsayable bullshit.

  5. Well you have a point R – the whole “this town is deserted because of funk” portion smells kinda funny. Like something Seymour Glass would write.

  6. As a long time collector of deep soul 45’s…may I say that my yearly donation to the Dave Godin Foundation will now be wrapped in harmonized bacofoil.

    Bless John Harris…

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