The Hardest Working Man In Heaven

December 25th, 2006 at 4:43 pm by Gerard


James Brown, 1933-2006 

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"Christmas In Heaven" (mp3, link taken from Loudersoft)

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One Response to “The Hardest Working Man In Heaven”

  1. Adam F Says:

    i saw the hardest working man a few years back and it was somewhat transcendental. at one point, one of his back-up singers came up for a solo. the mic wasn’t turned on. JB raised his hand. the band stopped on a dime. he yelled something to the monitor guy. someone threw a mic to him on stage. he handed it to the back-up singer. he raised his hand and the full band started back up, right on the next note. no one missed a beat, as they say.

    in life, you keep this little list of people that you want to see them do their craft, live and in person. i’m glad i had this one chance.