Thank You To Insound!

After however long it has been, Matador Records is happy to announce that the Matador Store is now being fulfilled in house. 

Insound has been amazing to work with, they’ve done a great job as a fulfillment partner, and we have nothing but respect and gratitude towards them.  They're one of our favorite online record stores, and we'll still be buying records from them. 

But given the increasing complexity of things like our Buy Early Get Now campaigns, and different online sales we want to run (the first of which will be announced as soon as I’m done writing this), it only makes sense for us to take over all operations and allow ourselves the greatest flexibility possible.

Any questions, concerns, or death threats concerning the Matador Store should now be addressed to, and a FAQ will be up on the store site shortly, if it isn’t already.

2 thoughts on “Thank You To Insound!”

  1. can you release the cat power song? how can i tell you? i am getting married next year and would love it for my wedding!
    it’s beautiful…
    i know there’s only 30 seconds but what’s the deal? why not a full release?

  2. Gerard,

    Chan has been a music muse for years. It is great that a buzz is around her, finally. I live in Atlanta, this is far overdue. See what you can do and see if Chan will do a full version of “How Can I Tell You”, I support her and you no matter what.

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