Girls Aloud get political

December 14th, 2006 at 9:18 am by Ruairi

Girls Aloud interview for The New Statesman 

link via Popjustice 

My beloved Girls Aloud get their Noam Chomsky on:

Nadine: "You know that basically Labour is the working class and the Conservatives are the really, kind of, upper class, and then everything else is . . . I have no idea."

Foolhardy Nadine later has an awesome rant about footballer's wives, momentarily forgetting that her bandmate Cheryl is one. 

Their Greatest Hits album, out now, is disappointingly low on Billy Bragg covers.  

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3 Responses to “Girls Aloud get political”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Never mind Nadine forgetting Cheryl’s a footballer’s wife:
    Cheryl: “Footballers’ wives are just as bad as benefit scroungers – it’s just a higher class of sponger”

  2. Ruairi Says:

    You’re a brave lady, Fiona. Any moment now, Cheryl’s going to be round your house to beat you to a pulp. She’s the ‘feisty’ one.

  3. Fiona Says:

    I won’t hold my breath for the throw down:,,1965284,00.html

    Unless of course she’s willing to stoop to scrounging the eurolines fare to Busáras from Ashley.