Strangely, There’s Little Demand For The 1986 Mike Love Action Figure

"What no giant indoor sandbox or canopy bed to lay in for a year?" writes Bedazzled's Spike Priggen. And while I must admit, this would be quite the Xmas gift for the collector skum or skumette in your life, I'll concur with Spike. The idea isn't quite fully realized.  Unless and until further dolls in the series are introduced (Murray Wilson with-removeable-eye, Dr. Landy with a couch) I'm sticking with something conceptually solid

3 thoughts on “Strangely, There’s Little Demand For The 1986 Mike Love Action Figure”

  1. I guess it’s a bit more solid, but not much. What’s the business about the “cowlick.” and besides there’s still a whole lot of legwork left. No Glenn, No Robo, No Bobby Steele (w/cane) or Joey Image. You could always get some old style G.I. Joes to stand in for the dude that Doyle or Jerry hit in the head in San Franicisco.
    Now that I’m thinking about it a Glenn Danzig doll w/”steroid action” would be great Eerie Von too. You could break up Samhain, pump them up to almost twice their normal size and start sucking. Maybe even have the Glenn doll say things like “My version of “The Hunter” is so new, it’s like I wrote it.”
    In fact, like Annette (‘s got the hits) I just may chuck this music biz thing and start making Todd McFarlane-esque dolls. Just think about it:
    Bubba Dupree
    Tesco Vee
    Kevin Seconds (Of course it would talk, with all of the choice one liners: “Racism fucking sucks!”, “Howard Cosell is a wimp” etc.)
    well , I could go on and as you might be able to tell, I’ve had a lot of coffee, but…

  2. Not really, I really wanted something a bit more interactive that could represent all aspects of Glenn’s career.
    another christmas ruined I guess.

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