In Poor Taste, Probably. More Fun Than Watching “Elephant” On DVD? Mos Def

DISCLAIMER : My own expertise in the world of zippity-zappity ran outta steam shortly after the introductions of "Escape From Max Fish" and "John Madden's Colostomy Bag."  The former's depiction of Ann Marlowe was far too scary and realistic, while the latter provoked something approaching an epileptic fit….before I even opened the box.  That said, "The Top 10 Worst Games of All Time" by PC World's Emru Townsend includes at least one title I really wish I'd tried.  "Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge", it ain't.


Super Columbine Massacre RPG (or SCMRPG), re-created Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, from the perspective of the two disturbed teenagers. Deriving the game's content largely from video footage of the events, the pair's diaries, and quotes from various media figures, creator Danny Ledonne strove for a certain level of verisimilitude–though the part of the game where Harris and Klebold find themselves embarking on further adventures in Hell after their suicides is, presumably, conjecture.

Like the developers of JFK Reloaded, another re-creation of a historic murder, the creator of SCMRPG claimed lofty aims. On his Web site–whose illegible look (blue and red text on a black background) is some sort of crime against good design itself–Ledonne says the game "asks more of its audience than rudimentary button-pushing and map navigation; it implores introspection." The site also links to press coverage of the game (typical example: the Denver Post's "Columbine Game Makes Us Ill") and a forum for discussion of the game and the actual shootings.

Whether Ledonne's site has any constructive value whatsoever is still up in the air. But as a game, Super Columbine Massacre RPG is appalling.

9 thoughts on “In Poor Taste, Probably. More Fun Than Watching “Elephant” On DVD? Mos Def”

  1. Someone from Matador’s posting about one of my articles? Now I can die happy.

    –Emru (who often writes while listening to Pizzicato Five)

  2. imo the most discarcable and sickning games ever devoulped. i cannot believe that someone ccould accutally make this and then brag about it… this game needs to be exterminated asap. if not other sick dimented kids might get some imature ideas just like dylan and eric, why would anyone want too kill anyone??? and even since they did they should of been real enough men to accept it and not commit suside like little girls. enough said

    contact. Derek Hines@ (912)220-2356

  3. i think who eva made this is sick and wierd right peopl hav died n ur actin like its funny ow sad ar ya tho a bet u just sit at home all day ,, no frends or nofink n do this all dayy ow sad can ya gettt,,… GET A LIFE YA FREEKKKK !

  4. though i might never play this game, i dont think it is a bad thing. the game isnt going to make other people shoot the people in there school. the reason dylan and eric shoot up there school was because they where sick of getting bullied and miss treated. if people in the school actually listened to there problems, they would probably still be here. people also need to understand that some of the medications perscribed to teen have been proven to cause this kind of behavior. on of the drugs that have been shown to cause these kind behavioral problems is prozac (anti-depression drugs). they cause suicidal behavior and other things like that. the drug companies dont want you to know these kind of things and they will blame it on the media, cus if you think the drugs are fine then you will buy them and the drug companies will get more money. i am done writing but there are still a lot more things to talk about. a good movie to watch is bowling for columbine by Michael Moore. it talks about all the things that happen. he aslo has lots of other good movies. hope this helped!

  5. I think people is giving too much importance to this. Besides, it was just matter of time. The video game bussiness always do that kind of things, the only problem is that the developer of this game is not supported by any big company like EA or RockStar. How many games about WWII have you ever play? Even the American Civil War has a lot of video games, and nobody complains about it!!!!
    And, Karen Richardson, what if you quit complaining and learn to write? 😉

  6. Yes Karen should learn how to spell but I do agree with her, that game is still disgusting. I’m not even from America but the massacre still had an effect on me being a student at the time. Don’t Americans care about anyone elses feelings or something? Charlton Heston and his NRA arseholes have a convention in Columbine straight after the shootings and he didnt get in trouble, just a few angry complaints from heartbroken parents. And now this game? For a superpower Americans seem to be somewhat lacking in sympathy towards their own people. But who cares right? As long as you still have the right to bare arms! No amount of heartbrake can compare to having a deadly weapon of your own, right!?

  7. i can’t believe that sombody would make a game out of what happen at columbine. they must be heartless to do that. i am taking a class where we go over stuff that has happen in the 60’s and up to the 2001 and we just went over what happen there. it is really sad what happen to those 12 victims. i think the game should be thrown out and done with, or sue whoever made this sick game.

  8. Yes, the columbine murders were terrifying. No, we shouldn’t brag about a game. Dylan and Eric WERE NOT SICK AND DEMENTED. I never knew them, but they were BULLIED. They were sick and tired of it, and decided to react the way they did. i will say again, THEY WERE NOT SICK, TORMENTED, OR MENTAL. I think this a very good example why you shouldn’t bully. Yes, i am still young. Yes, it is possible i’m wasting my life typing this up. I’m disgusted by you people still bullying these men, who were trying to prove something. They did what they believed was right, and that’s all.

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