Early Man – Demolition Derby, The Final Crash

In the history of motion pictures, there is no shortage of lost classics. Be it Erich Von Stroheim’s “Greed,” or Orson Welles’ original cut of “The Magnificent Ambersons,” coulda, shoulda, woulda been masterpieces have slipped through the cracks of time for as long as movies existed. But for the year, no lost classic has been so lost, or so classic as the 3rd episode of the Early Man demolition derby. Metal fans, fans of crashing cars, and especially fans of crashing cars while listening to metal have been walking around with an Early Man shaped hole in their hearts, seemingly destined to wait in cruel anticipation forever.

The wait is over my friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to present the electrifying conclusion to the Early Man car-wrecking saga. Once thought lost for all time, a print was discovered behind some stuff in our office. It is presented here, in sumptuous streaming video, for your viewing pleasure.

Author: 9000