Yo La Tengo live @ Electric Picnic, Ireland

‘We know that ‘quiet’ isn’t the preferred volume of the Electric Picnic festival, but….we’re gonna do these songs anyway’ – Ira, onstage.

Quite a gauntlet to throw down, made a little more palatable by the fact that Yo La Tengo had just opened their set with the ramalama-organ garage bluster of ‘Never Saw It Coming’ and the kraut-psych noise jam of ‘Pass The Hatchet’ to a mostly agog audience. The aforementioned quiet songs, all of which were from ‘I Am Not Afraid..’ ran the risk of being drowned out by two adjoining stages, but then they dropped ‘Tom Courtenay’ and ‘Little Honda’ to all the rapturous response that indiekind can muster before adding layer of noise to noise for closer ‘The Story of Yo La Tango’. When it finished, it felt like I hadn’t breathed for 20 minutes – but then some dude had hit me pretty hard in the chest with excitement when those first chords of ‘Tom Courtenay’ started up. The same dude went mental with delight when they came back on for an encore of ‘Sugarcube’ (insert your own superlative here). It’s kinda difficult to gauge audience reaction when you’re up front, but YLT seemed to have kept a largely drunken-end-of-the-evening-waiting-for-2manydjs type crowd happy, which is quite a feat. With quiet introspection and noise drones, no less.

3 thoughts on “Yo La Tengo live @ Electric Picnic, Ireland”

  1. “The Story Of Yo La Tango” was awesome, and seems by consensus to have been one of the highlights of the set. It, and “Sugarcube” – which turned into a bit of a free-for-all behind you.

    That individual (I’m maintaining diplomacy here) who was shouting for “Tom Courtenay” was standing in front of my friend and I, and nearly took us out as well. Pogoing drunks sporting backpacks were given a wide berth for the rest of the weekend.

  2. Its fair to say that Tom Courtenay, Sugarcube and The Story of Yo La Tengo were all amazing. I was really disappointed at the noise from the adjoining tents and hopefully if YLT make a return to the Picnic, they will be sensible enough the put them in a tent they can be fully heard and appreciated. The new album is superb. Watch Out For Me Ronnie has dominated both my stereo and internal audio loop for the past week.

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